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Kids First Parents Association of Canada

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Campaign for a Commercial-free Childhood

Society for Quality Education: opposes all-day Kindergarten, advocates for research-based education policy and parent choice

La Leche League Cananda
La Leche League International: Breast Feeding Support and Information

Life Media: Web and blog by Wendy Priesnitz, former head of Green Party of Canada, feminist home-based learning pioneer, and advocate for parent-child relationships

Moms for Milk:

Mothering Matters:

Why Love Matters: Recommended for all politicians and parents, this new much-praised book by Sue Gerhardt explains the importance of love and attachment in the formation of the brain.

Dr. Gabor Mate: Mate is a doctor, author and speaker on addiction, attachment and the biology of the mind-body connection.

Dr. Gordon Neufeld: Neufeld is an acclaimed developmental psychologist, attachment theorist, presenter and the author of Hold on to Your Kids: Why Parents Matter.

The Neufeld Institute: What a Child Needs is Love

Canadian Research Institute for Law and the Family

Child care research publication list from the US National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. NOTE: This massive longitudinal study defines "child care" as non-maternal care over 10 hours/week (ie includes care by fathers, grandparents, nannies as well as daycare, preschool, etc.)

The Child Care Resource and Research Unit at the University of Toronto: The totally tax-funded ideological headquarters for the daycare lobby propaganda and data in Canada, headed by Martha Friendly. This is a very extensive website with huge online library.

Daycares Don't Care: A website with articles and info about daycare

The World Bank—daycare promotion: The World Bank is leading agent world wide of private corporate profit. It is often associated with forcing privatization of medical services and water in poorer countries. Most are not aware of its lead role in daycare lobbying.

Institute of Marriage and the Family Canada

CANGRANDS: A national Internet support group for kinship families raising "other people抯 children."

Betty Cornelius, President
R.R. 1, McArthurs Mills
Ontario, K0L 2M0, Canada
Telephone: (613) 474-0035
Family and Home Network (US): Formerly Mothers At Home (MAH)—similar to Kids First Parent Association

ถ่ายทอดสดฟุตบอล Kindred Magazine : A parenting and attachment magazine published in Australia

Attachment Parenting International

European Groups and Sites Information on all aspects of children and teen development, nutrition, computers, exercise, etc. Info for parents
t: 44(0)1928 579700

What About the Children? (WATCH?): A British group promoting policies to ensure secure attachment. Sir Richard Bowlby, son of attachment theory founder John Bowlby, is VP.
See their ถ่ายทอดสดฟุตบอล research summaries.

Mouvement Mondial des M鑢es Europe/Make Mothers Matter: An international organization of mothers consulting with the UN and Euorpean Commission

Time for Parenting

The Happy Company, Sweden: A group helping to raise political awareness of family rights and parent-child attachment in Sweden

The Family Campaign Foundation: A Swedish group

Haro: A Swedish organization of mothers. "Swedish family policies have dislocated the natural human balance. This has involved a steering towards a one-way lifestyle model for parents, employment and daycare. This is unfortunate since it does not correspond to all parents?visions of what parenthood should mean....Only the parents themselves can decide how much time should be dedicated to maintain and strengthen the bonds between them and their children. Parents must be given financial means and support to bring up their children according to their own beliefs."

The Swedish Association for Children's Right to Their Parents

Hemmaföräldrar (in Swedish)

Föräldraupproret (in Swedish)

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